So we’ve established that it might be possible to save money by shopping around before you make a purchase. And we’ve also talked about how this type of shopping is another way to pay yourself first. After all the more money in your pocket the better right? Shop like a boss with these tips for comparison shopping ...

  1. Know what you need
    Yes, it sounds obvious. But have a good think about why you need the thing you are going to buy. What do you need it to do? And what do you want it to do? Make a list in order of importance.
  2. Look at all the options
    Does the thing you want to buy tick all the boxes on your list? Or does it at least cover the most important ones. Is there another option that could also tick the boxes? Do you even have to buy it – could you borrow or hire instead?
  3. Search online 
    Of course, you’ve probably already done this, but just in case you haven’t get online and search the thing you want to buy. Compare prices from different retailers, look at different makes and models, check reviews. 
  4. Write it down
    Use a comparison worksheet like this one to help you compare a few options. Sometimes having all the info laid out can help you decide.
  5. Evaluate the pros and cons
    If you’re having trouble making a decision, try making a list of pros and cons for each option. 

Now, we’re not suggesting you go to all this trouble to decide which snack you want to buy, but it could help with your next big purchase.