Thyroid Cancer: A lump appears around the neck due to thyroid cancer. In such a situation, if you have a lump around your neck, do not ignore this situation. Let us know about it in detail from the expert-

Thyroid Cancer: Do not ignore it at all if you feel a lump in the neck or any kind of discomfort around the neck. This type of problem can point to many serious diseases. Thyroid cancer is also included in these diseases. Yes, due to thyroid cancer, a lump is felt around the neck. This dreaded disease can affect any class of people. So don't ignore the lump around the neck. Women are more likely to get thyroid cancer than men. For information related to thyroid cancer, we spoke to Dr. Gunjan Mittal, Physician, at HCL Health Care. Let's know what the doctor says about it-

What is a thyroid? (What is Thyroid)

Dr. Gunjan says that the thyroid is a butterfly-like gland in our neck, which is about 20 grams. It releases a hormone called thyroid in our body. With the help of this hormone, there can be heartbeat and temperature control in the body. Due to the thyroid, there is a lot of swelling in this gland, due to which lumps are seen around the neck.

Doctors say that the cases of thyroid cancer are continuously increasing in the world. Women are more likely to get thyroid cancer than men. In such a situation, if you see lumps around the neck, then contact the doctor immediately.

What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer? (Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer)

Dr. says that in the case of thyroid cancer, small lumps are seen around the neck. At the same time, some people feel hard and painful on touching the lump. Apart from this, people suffering from this condition also have difficulty in breathing. At the same time, a change can also be seen in the voice from the throat. Contact the doctor immediately if you feel such a condition, so that thyroid cancer can be detected by examination. Apart from this, patients experience difficulty in swallowing, persistent cough, and pain in the neck and throat.

The doctor says that thyroid cancer can be diagnosed with a simple neck exam. However, it is not necessary that the lump around the thyroid is cancer. In such a situation, you do not need to worry much if you have a lump, just get your test done on time. so as to reduce the risk.

Causes of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is more likely to develop when there is a change in the DNA of thyroid cells. In these cells, DNA controls the activities of the cell. The DNA mutation causes cells to grow abnormally in the thyroid tissue. Because of this, gradually it takes the form of a tumor, which takes the form of cancer.

How to reduce the risk of thyroid cancer?

The doctor says that if you have a thyroid problem, then in this situation, get your thyroid profile checked regularly. Thyroid function tests include T3, T4, and TSH. On the basis of its reports, take your regular medical advice. At the same time, if you feel pain or a lump in the neck, then definitely contact the doctor.

Women are more likely to get thyroid cancer than men. In such a situation, keep checking yourself on time, so that if there is any possibility, contact the doctor.

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